Melbourne Zoo Exhibit

In 2011, Method Construction was commissioned to work for Melbourne Zoo in the construction of a new baboon exhibit called the Baboon Lookout. The work involved the construction of a new holding building, viewing shelters and the baboon exhibit itself, including bathing pools and heat beds. With work completed during operational hours and within the Zoo’s strict guidelines, the projects required constant review and approval to ensure public safety and that no animal escaped.

To guarantee overall safety for the animals and visitors, all fencing required below ground-level mesh and viewing shelters included laminated safety glass and perimeter hot wires to ensure tamper proof fittings. On completion, the Baboon Lookout was a success relocating the baboons closer to other African species and allowing visitors excellent observation of all the animals in a naturalistic habitat, accommodated better breeding and stimulus of natural behaviours.

The exhibit has proved over the years particularly popular with education groups as the observing the primates offers an excellent opportunity to study the hierarchy and behaviour of the species.

AddressMelbourne Zoo, Baboon Exhibit

Project InformationNew Exhibit - Holding & Feeding Areas

Completion DateCompleted 2011