Sectors & Capability

Method takes on a solution-focused and results-driven approach to building construction that has proven to deliver high-quality projects time and time again.

Corporate Profile



Built to Stand Tall, our dedicated team of industry trained professionals work across the following capabilities to ensure successful project delivery.

Experience to Stand Proud

We have experience managing projects at all
levels, depending on what best fits the job.

  • Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)
  • Design and Construct
  • Lump Sum
  • Construction Management

Leadership to Stand Strong

Founded by long-time industry experts, that proudly lead Method’s continued success through the careful selection of a dedicated team of industry-trained professionals.

You can count on the Method team who are passionate about what they do and pride themselves on the highest quality in standards and safety as well as successful and on-time project delivery for every build.

Method delivers on:
  • Expert Leadership with In-Depth Industry Experience
  • Construction Design Management & Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Building Confidence to NCC and Australian Standards
  • Quality Design and Construct Builds without compromising on Safety
  • Solutions Focused & Results Driven
  • Financial Stability with a Proven Track Record
  • Distressed Project Specialist
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Collaboration to Stand Out

At Method, we believe a key component for our success is driven by positive collaboration and pro-active consultation with all team members, sub-contractors, building contractors and industry partnerships to maximise project efficiency.

It is this approach that has led to a positive experience and the best results for every client. It’s no wonder Method has a built a reputation for job satisfaction and high-quality builds.

Big Banks to Stand With

Method is proud to stand tall as a financially solid company with a proven track record of finishing and completing destressed projects.

Method sits on the panel of all the big banks, and as a result of this backing, is a construction company trusted by the banks to finish incomplete builds to the highest quality and professional standards.